My Year in Review – 2017

2017 in review

How is it possible that YET another year has flown by?!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I feel like I was writing my 2016 review only last week. If I remember correctly I wrote the one last year on a complete whim, and I’m so glad that I did! I really have to say that 2017 was muuuuch better of a year than 2016 and I’m only noticing that now. By the end of 2016 I was frustrated, semi-unhappy and didn’t know what direction I should be going in. I wrote down a few points at the end of that post on things I was hoping to work on this year:

I wanted to organise myself and my time better
Even though I’ve still got a long way to go, I’m MUCH better at organising myself now. Thanks to time-blocking and to-do lists I’m way better at actually getting stuff done. I don’t feel like I’m running out of time as much as I was before.

Saying no to things that don’t make me happy
This has definitely changed- in 2016 I was over-consumed with the course I was doing (and am still doing) and was also trying to fit in as many things into my schedule as possible but most of those things were making me unhappy. I changed that approach and decided to be a lot more relaxed about things. And if I don’t like doing something, I’ll say no if I can. And if I know I do need to do something, I’ll do it as quickly as possible and not let it hang over me. It’s worked in my favour and opened up more opportunity to do things I enjoy.

Stop caring about what people think
I don’t even really know why this had become such a big issue in 2016 but I’m happy to report that I’ve shaken this off completely. Maybe it’s just growing up (or reading lots of those ‘live your best life books’ lol) but I can hands down say that I don’t give a F about what people think about me. I used to be a bit shy and embarrassed about the blog too, but I don’t care anymore! Thank gawd for that.

Lose weight
Haaaaaaahahahaa totally didn’t happen. Still as lazy as ever 💁

What did I get up to in 2017?

In a nutshell 2017 was a great year for me. I travelled quite a lot in 2017, as usual. My relationship with my parents got even better. I started taking better care of my skin. I decluttered (but then bought more unnecessary shit). But most importantly, I started feeling more at home and happy in Edinburgh. Thinking back, it’s probably been due to a few different factors- meeting Charlotte and having this blog. I know it sounds crazy but I was able to get out and about more, get invited to some fun events and meet other Instagrammers/photographers/bloggers in the city. Charlotte and I do most of these fun things together and it’s awesome because we click so well. Together we’ve worked on a few awesome brand collaborations – like with Biscuit Clothing and Studio Emma and will continue to do so in 2018. We’ve also made friends with some amazing people in Edinburgh, which makes my heart happy (looking at you Daniel).
I also started working with Choice Hotels as their travel ambassador for Edinburgh and have loved it so far! Look out for more content soon- from Lyon of all places since that’s where they’re sending me next week.
Before I continue babbling, I’ll throw in some highlights from each month of 2017. Thanks for reading!


January 2017
The standout highlight was going to Paris for a weekend. I had just submitted a mammoth piece of coursework and was in dire need of wine & cheese. Just what the doctor ordered 👌


February 2017

At the end of the February I flew to South Africa to celebrate my moms birthday. It was definitely a trip I had never been on before- I saw tiny penguins on a beach, saw lots of safari animals and tried some awesome wines.


March 2017
March was mostly spent in Edinburgh doing work and pottering around the flat. Spring was arriving, and with it a lot of colour, which I injected into everything from my choice of footwear to my pancakes.


April 2017

I spent a few weeks in Tallinn in April and the sun was starting to come out a bit there too. I returned to a very bright and yellow Edinburgh, my favourite time of year here!


May 2017

In the beginning of May we finally went on our very belated honeymoon nearly two years later! We spent 2 amazing weeks lounging by the pool and beach in the Dominican Republic, drinking coconut water and eating everything we came across. It.was.awesome.


June 2017

In June we went on our annual weekend trip to Cannes with our friends. It was the perfect way to kick-start the summer!


July 2017

Most of July was spent at my countryhouse with my family. We barbecued, did work, bickered, fixed stuff, ate way too strawberries and watered the tomatoes. If I remember correctly. I think I was in a “slow living” bubble that month.


August 2017

In August my dad and I went to Saaremaa for a few nights- an island off mainland Estonia. I had never been there before (shame on me) and now want to go back every summer. It’s so CUTE!


September 2017

In September we had some great weather in Edinburgh in the beginning of the month so my friend Isla and I went on a mini roadtrip to North Berwick. The end of the month I spent working and cruising on the Baltic Sea. I also spent the last days at our farm for our annual end-of-season party.


October 2017

In October we took two mini weekend breaks away- one to Copenhagen and then to Glencoe for my birthday where we stayed in an AWESOME river pod. Definitely the coolest placed I’ve slept in this year. AND I’M GOING BACK!! In a few weeks time Charlotte and I will be podding it out there again- tons of photos to come!!!


November 2017

November was spent working working working but also taking lots of photos, like in Portobello and the Secret Herb Garden.


December 2017

I finished the year off in Tallinn with my family for Christmas. December was a bit of a crap month since both my husband and I got super sick but we’ve managed to end the year on a high note. We’ve got all of our best friends in Edinburgh for NYE so will be ringing it in with them 💖

In 2018 I plan on…

– taking lots of photos and improving my photography even more
– working on some awesome projects with brands (and Charlotte)
– lots of travel! I’m off to Lyon next week, then Glencoe in a few weeks, Florida in Feb, Portugal in July and hopefully somewhere cool for my 30th!
– maybe buying a flat in Edinburgh? And then decorating my heart out!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! Hope next year is awesome!



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