Year in Review – 2016

I’m very ready for 2016 to be over! Not that it was a particularly bad year but I’m just ready for new, fun things to look forward to in the new year.
2016 was a strange year for me- in many ways very exciting things happened (like buying our first flat) and going on an amazing trip with my dad, but it was also a year where I felt quite lost, particularly when it came to work. I often felt like I was running out of time and wasn’t able to prioritize the things that I actually wanted to be working on.  I’m feeling better about everything now so I’m really looking forward to putting some new ideas into action soon 👍
Even though the year went by in super speed and I felt like I was constantly busy, I didn’t realize just how much traveling I did (haha one of my goals for 2016 was to actually travel less because I was pretty tired of it by the end of 2015…but I’m definitely not complaining now!). Here’s a breakdown of the highlights of each month in 2016:


January 2016January was kind of a boring month- we spent it in Edinburgh where I was either sat behind my computer (I had tons of coursework assessments due that month) or checking out a new coffeeshop. I also organized aaaaaaaalllll my beauty stuff which felt so refreshing.
One thing that I definitely wasn’t looking forward to was a root canal treatment I had done that was kind of complicated due to my curved canals….thank god it worked out in the end because it’s not something I’m keen on doing again…


February 2016In February I went to Florida for a quick 3 day visit for a funeral. Even though it was for a sad event, I was able to rekindle some great friendships with family friends ❤️
I also found my love of GIN in February after hating it with a passion for years and years. Who knew I had been missing out on this heavenly drink for so long?!


March 2016In the beginning of March I spent some beautiful snowy days in Tallinn which made me love my country even more! Then I went back to a very springy Edinburgh, and finally in the end of the month we popped over to Dublin for a weekend to visit family. Highlight: I finally got to visit Trinity College Library 😍


April 2016In April I went to visit my besties in London for a weekend. I had SO MUCH FUN and got to try my first bottomless brunch 😏


May 2016May was officially the start of the summer for me. Edinburgh was blooming and warm. At the end of the month we flew to Tallinn and spent some days at our country house.


June 2016In June we flew to Cannes for a weekend with our Swedish friends Eleonor and Erik. I think I must have laughed about 48 hours consecutively on this trip. The four of us just clicked so well and everything was so easy. We’re really hoping to be able to go back again this summer!


July 2016I remember that when July came I was ready for a few weeks off. I spent the first half of the month working in Tallinn and then Robbie joined me where we had a week off just lounging around at our country house. Then we flew to Portugal to join his family for the last week in July. All I did in those two weeks was eat lots of food, take photos and read books. Amazing.


August 2016August is the month that stood out the most to me- I worked hard and played harder because it was the FRINGE FESTIVAL IN EDINBURGH YAAAAY!  It was the first full month I’ve ever got to spend in Edinburgh during the festival.
I was super busy with work, my course and some other projects so my days were filled with computer stuffs. In the evenings we went to different Fringe events in town. Every weekend we had friends stay over so by the end of the month I was poor, fat and exhausted. It was time for a breather.


September 2016In the beginning of the month we flew to Copenhagen for a weekend. We had booked this trip sometime in the early spring so I had kind of forgotten about it but it was the perfect mini break away. We lazily explored the city, ate lots of good food and rode bikes.
In the middle of September I flew to Tallinn where I signed the papers to our very first flat! I had to extend the trip because we didn’t get the keys until mid October but we were officially homeowners👏 🔑


October 2016In October I went on the best trip ever! My dad and I flew out to California for 6 days. Going back to California was great (I hadn’t been there since I was like 6…) but being there with my dad was even better. He works a lot and is a pretty busy guy so it was amazing to spend so many days together. I’ll always remember this trip as being one of the best ever. Sounds cheesy but it really made me realize how great one-on-one trips are with parents, especially if you live in different countries.


November 2016November was another work-filled month, just like January had been (my big deadlines are usually at the end of Nov and Jan every year). I tried to get away from the computer in the mornings so I took long walks and tried out a few new cafes. At the end of the month my two best friends came to visit me from London which was definitely the highlight 😊


December 2016In December I went to visit family before the holidays and was met by a very Christmassy Estonia. We took a mini roadtrip down south where it was -17 degreeeeeeeees. Brrrrr.


AND NOW- on to 2017! I’m not making any specific resolutions for 2017, but there are a few things I hope to work on, such as:

Organising: I’m desperate to prioritise and organize myself better this year. This includes everything- my work, projects, the dishes etc. I feel like I’m always forgetting something or not having enough time so managing my time better is a necessity. I really can’t go another year feeling frustrated like I have been.
I’ll finally be finishing a huge project on the 20th of January that has been hanging over me all of last year. Once that’s settled it’ll free up a lot more time! I CAN’T WAIT.

Saying no: This is a little like the point above. I need to stop agreeing to things that don’t make me happy or make me even more stressed. I only want to do things that genuinely give me value in 2017.

Stop caring about what people think: This was a weird one…I’ve never had any massive issues with this but for some reason I got pretty insecure last year. I think it’s because I don’t live a “traditional” life…I bounce between countries, don’t work a normal 9-5 job etc. Now it’s time for me to stop caring about what other’s think of the way I run my life- at the end of the day I’m really happy (and lucky) with the choices that I’ve made.

Lose weight: Haaaaaaa, this is such a dumb one but I’ve gained a few kilos in the past year and leggings really don’t suit me. So it’s time to get off my ass and lose the weight. Sigh. I know I can do it so I’m planning on losing my extra kilos in the next three months. No more candy.


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