Why You Need to Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

From our trip to Florida this is the post I’ve been itching to get up all week- our visit to the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami.
We’ve been to Florida maaaaany times, mostly because we have family friends here who we like to visit frequently but also because it’s not a crazy long flight and the time difference with the UK is only 5 hours. When we normally travel to Florida we do the same stuff over & over again: go outlet shopping, go to the beach and enjoy meals out (mostly at the Cheesecake Factory, who am I kidding?).

This time around I wanted to mix it up a bit and decided to do some research. That’s when I found the ice cream museum in Miami! The Museum of Ice Cream (or MOIC in short) is located in three cities: San Francisco, LA & Miami. From what I understand they’re all kind of like pop-ups, meaning they won’t stick around forever. In fact, the one in Miami was meant to close on the 22nd of January but then they decided to extend it into February and March. It’s not exactly a museum per se, I describe it more as an art installation. For people who like pink.
If you want to visit I’d try to book tickets as quickly as possible since they sell out FAST. I had to sit in the website queue for ages trying to get ours.

In total, there are four floors to get through with different “themes”, I guess. These are a mixture of both indoor and outdoor. You’re put into a small group (ours was about 10 people in total) that you start the ice cream journey with.
The thing I was looking forward to the most was the sprinkle pool. It’s literally a large pool filled with plastic sprinkles. One thing I would say is that the MOIC has gotten some criticism (and were fined) for environmental damage because the plastic sprinkles can get stuck on clothing and have been found on streets in Miami that can then get into the ocean (essentially the same idea as microbeads, I guess). This is something to keep in mind when getting out of the pool as you really need to try and make sure that you don’t get any beads stuck on or in your clothes.
The pool itself looks really cool but getting in it is another story. You’ve literally got about 30 seconds to get in and out with the 10 people in your group. So the whole thing is a bit hectic- trying to get a fun photo and trying to get as many sprinkles as possible off of yourself when you’re getting out was a bit rushed. But it was a cool looking pool for sure!
Other rooms include the Safari where there are pink palm trees, a large banana swing and a tiny mirrored door leading to a small pink room filled with coconut lights, a room where you can make ice cream towers, a retro ice cream bar and on the top floor you can play ping pong!
On each floor you’re also given ice cream, YAY! Think chocolate soft serve with pink whipped cream, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and mochis 😍😍😍

Overall, I really enjoyed the museum, probably more than I thought I would. I think it’s because it was unlike anything I’ve ever been to before and let’s face it, I just love ice cream. I think going here with kids would be really fun, too!

Some basic info and things to keep in mind:


– Tickets cost $38 per person + tax. Seems pricey but you get a LOT of ice cream and it really is worth the experience (if you like sugar and millennial pink, that is) 😏


– The museum is located in Miami Beach. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the location on Google Maps.
– We walked there from South Beach and it took us about 20 to 25 min to walk. Because it was hot we got an Uber back but it was a nice stroll there along the beach boardwalk.


– When you book you need to choose what time you want to visit. This is great because they only let in small batches of people at a time so it didn’t feel crowded at all.
– If you can’t make your allocated time slot you lose your tickets.

– It took us around an hour to get through the whole museum, which is four floors of sugary goodness.

– I would recommend booking a daytime slot, mostly for photos. I’d imagine the photos in the evening would look yellowy. I had no issues getting good photos during the day. However, if you’re sensitive to the Miami heat it might be better to book in an evening slot since you probably need to wait outside in the line for a while, like we did.


– For practical reasons in the sprinkle pool but I wouldn’t wear leggings or jeans. I wore a skirt and it was easy to shake off the sprinkles.

Do you want to visit the Museum of Ice Cream?


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