White Ripped Jeans: Casual Weekend

white ripped jeans

This past weekend we were in Copenhagen, just to explore the city and get out of Edinburgh for a while. I’ll have a separate post on Copenhagen go up in a few days because I’m too tired to go through all my photos now and simply don’t have the creative energy to write a long post about all the things we got up to (and ate…because we basically ate all of Copenhagen).

Instead, I thought I would post a few pictures of what I wore while I was there. I only brought with me 2 pairs of jeans and I’m absolutely in love them. I actually have 4 different pairs of them- they’re the Jamie jeans from Topshop. These white ripped ones are my current faves right now, but probably because I know I can’t wear them for much longer due to my sensitive knees haha. I ended up bringing clothes that would could work with the jeans quite well, so other light colored clothing and greys.
These white ripped ones are so comfortable, they are semi high-rises that are mega stretchy. I ate all the cake and drank all the wine and still felt like I could breathe. On  a separate note, I ended up buying this gray knit in Copenhagen on Sunday when it was cold as hell and raining non-stop. I’m so happy with it!!

white ripped jeans


white ripped jeans




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