Weekly Wrap-Up: Easter Edition

What is upppp? I feel like these weeks have gone by so quickly but at the same time everything is in slow-mo because all I feel like I’m doing is waiting on spring to arrive. *tick tock, just come already*
I thought about putting together a little weekly wrap-up post with a bunch of things I’ve been doing in the past week. These are mostly completely random things, like books I’ve enjoyed or small stuff that I’ve seen that I think are pretty. It’s like all the different life tabs I’ve had open in the past week, kinda. Might be fun. Let’s get started (in no particular order).


We decided to go on a little day trip to North Berwick over the weekend. Well, actually before that we went to the Canteen food festival that’s run by Rogue Village to get some hangover food. It was raining cats & dogs so we got our brisket buns and made a swift exit. N Berwick was a necessary stop afterwards for coffee at Steampunk. Can’t wait to go back when it’s warm and sunny.

I really enjoy reading books but rarely make the time to do it. This weekend I picked up Gary Vee’s new book called Crushing It! and read the whole thing in one go. It talks about the importance of social media and how it can help you grow your personal brand. I read his first edition of this back in 2011 and really liked it- this one is much better though! Definitely get yourself a copy!

Every few months I go through bouts of waking up in the middle of the night and not falling back asleep for hours. This has started happening again and it’s been making me so drowsy during the day. Last week I kept waking up between the hours of 1 and 2 and lying awake for about four hours. I ended up Googling the International Space Station and following it on a map 😂 Did you know that the astronauts in the ISS see 16 sunrises and sunsets a day?!
Anyways, hoping this will go away soon because feeling like a zombie isn’t my thing (and also, Googling weird shit in the middle of the night isn’t healthy for me).

I really shouldn’t be shopping but last week I went a bit nuts and got rid of half of my wardrobe. I was ruthless. Anything that I hadn’t worn for a year was OUT. It obviously made for a ton of extra space in my wardrobe so I’ve bought quite a few new things (mostly trousers). And I’ve got lots of things in my saved items of ASOS that I’m considering getting, especially because I’ve got a trip to Palma coming up in a few weeks.

Not only have I done some spring shopping, I’ve also added another jacket to my winter wardrobe. I just couldn’t resist. You might have seen my newish pink fluffy jacket in this post– what can I say, I’m really into fluffy jackets right now. I wore it out on Friday and felt AWESOME.

I have something to declare. I have fallen in love. With capricciosa pizza to be exact. I don’t know where this sudden love came from but I’ve had two of them in the last week. It’s bad. All I keep thinking about is the damn pizza. My husband hates olives and  mushrooms, which makes this even worse- last night I caved and ordered one and basically had to eat the whole thing. Do you reckon if I force myself to eat pizza until I feel super sick that my craving for it will disappear?

Lastly, Charlotte & I shot some photos for Powder’s spring summer 18 range last week when the sun was out for like a split second. We ran to the Botanic Gardens after work and managed to get some pretty springlike shots *proud*. Check out her post on her blog here.


Anyways, hope you enjoyed this random post! It was fun to put together so maybe I’ll do one of these again soon. Have a great week!


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