Weekly Roundup: A Baltic Tour, Time on Sea & Exploring Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town

This past week has been jam-packed. Even though I’ve been super busy, I’ve been able to take tooooons of photos.
I arrived in Tallinn last Thursday and managed to squeeze in seeing family before spending most of the weekend working from my friends Airbnb in the Old Town. The views were absolutely amazing and it wasn’t too cold so we had the window open and sat at our laptops drinking coffee. We took several breaks and tried out a few different restaurants and bars (naturally).

Food coma

On Friday evening we went to Väike Rataskaevu 16, which is Rataskaeva 16‘s sister restaurant. We got really lucky with getting a table there without a reservation. I love both of these restaurants- it feels like you’re sitting in someones living room enjoying a nice home cooked meal. Then later in the evening my friend took me to Parrot MiniBar, which is probably my new favourite bar in Tallinn. It’s a 20s style speakeasy that’s located underneath the restaurant in the basement so you only get to it by the clothes wardrobe. It’s not the biggest place but the drinks were delicious, the guy playing the piano was great and you get free pretzels (need I say more…)
The next day I had pancaked not once but twice, which made my heart so happy. First we went to FRANK‘s for brunch and then in the afternoon we went to Kompressor, which is Tallinn’s most famous pancake house. FRANK’s is way more photogenic (also 20s style I think) but Kompressor hits the spot with cheapish pancakes. I’ll definitely be adding these two to my Tallinn brunch guide post.

Cruising around

Then my proper week started with my Baltic tour haha. I spent four nights on different ships and one night in a hotel in Riga. My little trip went something like this: night onboard from Tallinn to Stockholm, night onboard from Stockholm to Riga, night at hotel in Riga, night onboard from Riga to Stockholm, night onboard from Stockholm to Tallinn. So I finally got back to Tallinn on Friday morning! It was an inspiring week and I loved being back in Riga for a short time but I think sleeping on so many different ships took a slight toll on me as I was definitely coming down with something and got a bloodshot eye (the first in my life, yuck!) and was knackered by the end of Friday.
The past two days have literally been me zombieing around- had coffee with my dad on Saturday before he left on a work trip, then did some adulting and went to the bank and then walked around the city and took some shots for an upcoming project. Ended the day with a lovely prosecco night with my aunt. Today I visited my grandparents and now am sat on my parents balcony drinking a coffee. The weather has been so amazing this weekend, like a perfect mix of both summer and autumn. Everything is starting to get colourful but we’ve been blessed with blue skies and temperatures in the 20s. Amazing.
That’s it for my recap ramble- sometimes it’s nice to go back and read these later on. Hope everyones had a great weekend!


Tallinn Old Town

Vaike Rataskaevu 16

FRANK Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town

Ice cream

Tallinn Old Town

Tallink cruise

Riga Old Town

Isabelle Tallink

Tallink cruise Stockholm

Tallink cruise Baltic Queen

Tallinn Rotermann

Tallinn Rotermann

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Linnahall

Tallinn Linnahall



  1. October 29, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I really need to make it back to Tallinn! Been a few times, but not recently and it just seems to have so many cool places opening up. Beautiful pics!

    • KK Land
      October 30, 2017 / 10:49 am

      Thanks Megan! Honestly, it’s changed so much in the past few years- you definitely need to go visit again 🙂

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