Weekend Wrap up – Mostly Through My Phone

Today I had to back up my phone because I’m taking it to the Apple store next week to get the battery replaced- HOORAY, no more phone turning itself off at 60%! But today I realized just how many photos I have lying around on my phone that I don’t use (5,000 and counting…). I take photos constantly of everything that I see. I  use my phone for taking pictures a lot more often than my cameras but it’s because it’s so convenient, no actual planning has to go into it. I don’t need to fiddle around with settings or change lenses. So I decided that instead of letting a ton of photos go to waste I would try and post some iPhone shots every now and again, starting with this past weekend.  Here’s what I got up to:

weekend wrap up

On Friday after finishing my work I wandered into town and saw that the Christmas market was opening! Rob and I enjoyed our first Christmassy drinks🌟 The rest of Friday evening was very chilled watching Netflix- I found a new show called Love which I….well, love.

01. Christmas rides are open!
02. Our first drinks of the Xmas season at St. Andrews Sq.
03. Bailey’s hot chocolate for me and an slow gin hot toddy for Rob.
04. My Friday braid.

weekend wrap up

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and I did some work for a few hours. Then we just did standard flat stuff like clean etc (booooring). Afterwards we treated ourselves by walking to Deadly Donuts in the Meadows where I had literally the BEST donut of my life 😍🍩

05. Obligatory Saturday morning coffee in bed ✔️
06. If you look closely you’ll see a huge box of donuts on that table…
07. Interiors at Deadly Donuts- I like!
08. Old vs. new buildings in Edinburgh.

weekend wrap up 09. Some pretty green plants I saw on our walk.
10. This is the epic donut I had!!!! IT HAS A KINDER BUENO BAR INSIDE OF IT! I inhaled it in all of 30 seconds, not kidding.
11. Beautiful box of gold leaf donuts that I had to ogle over.
12. Basically yes😏

weekend wrap up

On Sunday we drove to Glasgow for the day to see some friends! It was so nice to be back since I lived there for several years when I was at uni.

13. What I made us for breakfast before our drive- homemade granola, Greek yoghurt and chia seed blueberry pudding. SO DELICIOUS.
14. My braid choice of the day.
15. Glasgow looking all festive 🤗
16. What I wore to keep warm- thick leggings and a wool jumper.

Until next week!✨


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