Weekend Wrap Up – basically spring in Edinburgh

I’ve most definitely got a case of the Monday Blues today. I had the funnest weekend in a really, really long time. My BFF Emma came to stay for 2 nights and I feel like we were all over Edinburgh on both Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to take my camera with me but sometimes it’s nice to not lug around a heavy object all day…hence why these are not so great iphone shots.

weekend Edinburgh
We started Saturday off by having a long leisurely breakfast- homemade granola, blueberries and bananas with greek yoghurt. Nom nom.


[one-third-first]weekend Edinburgh[/one-third-first]
[one-third]weekend Edinburgh
[one-third]weekend Edinburgh[/one-third]


Then we headed off to The Pitt, which is a market in Leith that’s open every Saturday and has a ton of fun food stalls and live music. I LOVED it and I’m planning on dragging my husband there next Saturday. My friend Charlotte told me to look out for the mac n cheese stall but I couldn’t find it (even though I later saw someone had posted a pic of it on Instagram) so I have a legit reason to go back 😏 We stood around chatting and eating amazing corn and crab bites and drinking wine.  Loving the warmer weather so I’m hoping it’ll stick around for a while.
The rest of Saturday went by in a blur…we went to Hoot the Redeemer to get some boozy ice cream, watched the end of the Rugby at Malone’s, ate sushi at Kanpai (ahmazing) and then ended the evening at Indigo Yard. Can’t show pictures because they’re too embarrassing hehe.



[one-half-first]weekend Edinburgh[/one-half-first]
[one-half]weekend Edinburgh juice warrior


On Saturday we woke up to blue skies so we took a nice long walk to the Juice Warrior which is my favoritest place to go to cure a hangover. Their juices and smoothies are so fresh and flavourful. I can’t remember which ones we got but mine had a lot of coconut and almond in it and Emma’s was a coffee based one, which I want to try next. We also ended up at Gannet & Guga which I cannot recommend enough. We had Vietnamese spring rolls which were out of this world! Definitely going back SOON.

Edinburgh Circus Lane


Then we ended up walking towards Stockbridge and I took Emma to my favorite little lane in Edinburgh- Circus Lane ❤️️ We also went to Smith and Gertrude for some cheese and coffee – I’ll be honest, I only went there for the Bearded Barista who I’ve seen on Instagram. Coffee = 👍 Then later in the afternoon we went to the Stockbridge market and had gyozas. So all in all I consumed A LOT of food and I’m definitely not complaining. It was such a lovely weekend and I’m so glad to be back in Edinburgh for a while!

[one-third-first]Edinburgh Gannet and Guga[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Edinburgh Stockbridge Market[/one-third]
[one-third]Edinburgh Stockbridge market


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