Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas


I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day fan. I’ve never gone out for a  fancy meal on the day (overpriced) and I don’t stare lovingly into my husband’s eyes (cringe) but I do like the fun things that surround mini holidays like Valentine’s Day. Like nail art hehe.
Since my nails are finally getting healthier after scratching off my gel extensions a few months ago (so bad!!!) I’m really excited to try some new fun things.
Here’s a few nail art ideas that I’m thinking of trying this week.

Polka dots

Valentine's Day

Polka dots and hearts, a fun combination!

Love hearts accent nail

Valentine's Day

I like how there’s only one accent nail, feels understated but still Valentiney!

Layered heart

Valentine's Day

This looks quite easy to make and I like how it’s so colorful.

Heart tips

Valentine's Day

A very cute idea! If I had longer nails I would definitely try this out!

Glittery and understated

Valentine's Day

Anything with a glitter nail!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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