Weird Things We Like: Unreachable Life Goals podcast no.20

Welcome back to the Unreachable Life Goals podcast!

What are the weird things you like? Getting your back scratched? Watching gooey cheese melt? In this week’s podcast we go over the weird things that we enjoy, some of which are fairly normal and some of which are really weird. Join us in the Unreachable Life Goals podcast.

unreachable life goals

What is Unreachable Life Goals?
You know when you have all these plans to accomplish all these things? But then nothing gets done because small, unimportant things get in the way? Like laundry? Or burnt bacon? That’s us, in a nutshell of life. We try to reach all our goals but they’re just so unreachable sometimes.
So we started a fun Instagram account where we illustrate our life goals being crushed on a daily basis 😊👍

Who is Unreachable Life Goals?
Unreachable Life Goals is run by two friends called KK and Mine. We met in high school and have been friends since! KK is currently based in Edinburgh and Mine is based in Stockholm.

Where can you find Unreachable Life Goals?
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