Taking a Day Break From Edinburgh- Exploring North Berwick

Archerfield Walled Garden sunflowers

What do you do when you need a little break but can’t take too much time off? Head towards North Berwick, of course. I say this like it’s the most natural thing in the world but in reality it’s taken me a few years to go there, but that isn’t super surprising, is it?! Anyway, a few weeks ago I stumbled across some photos of these sunflowers, which can be found at Archerfield Walled Gallery. I love anything to do with flowers and fields so when I saw these photos I knew I had to get out there stat. Lucky for me my friend Isla had a rare day off and was looking to get out of Glasgow, where she lives. So I convinced her we check out both the sunflowers and North Berwick in one afternoon. BEST DECISION I’VE MADE IN A LONG TIME.

First stop- sunflowers!

Archerfield Walled Gallery is only about a ten minute drive from North Berwick, so it’s a great stop off point. We got there, took some pics, tried to help a dog find its owner, perused around the shop a little, bought ice cream, crips and sodas, ate and drank said ice cream, crisps and sodas and then continued on our merry way. We got real lucky with the weather too, it was one of those rare cloudless days. Also warm enough to throw off the jumpers and run around in our t-shirts- mine is from BORN, a newish UK brand. The t-shirt is super soft and comfortable in 100% cotton- very much recommend!
Then- onto North Berwick!

Things to do in North Berwick (warning- mostly food related):

Check out that big rock in the water that I keep seeing on Instagram
That big rock is called Bass Rock. You really can’t miss it when you’re in North Berwick. It’s 107 m high and looks white from afar because of the amount of gannets that live on it. Even though it’s uninhabited now, it has ruins of a castle on it and a lighthouse. Pretty cool sight!

Have a coffee at Steampunk
I’ll be honest, visiting Steampunk was the main reason I dragged Isla to North Berwick. I just kept and kept seeing photos of it pop up on IG. It was 100% worth a visit, in fact I’ll probably put up a mini review on it soon.
Find them at 49A Kirk Ports

Enjoy a walk on the beach
The beach is so lovely in North Berwick! The closest beach I’d been to near Edinburgh is Portobello but this one is soooooo much nicer. We actually sat out on the sand for ages and enjoyed the view (read:rock).

Eat at the Lobster Shack
I didn’t get to eat at the Lobster Shack because it totally slipped my mind but apparently there is an awesome little shack right by the beach that sells amazing lobster and other seafood dishes. REALLY need to try!
Find them at Harbour Lodge

Treat yourself to a gelato at Alanda’s Gelateria
Oh my dear god. This has got to be one of the prettiest ice cream shops I’ve ever been to. SO MANY FLAVOURS and all homemade. This place has won awards for it’s amazing ice cream and it’s really no wonder why.
Find them at 1 Quality Street

Pizza van at Steampunk on Friday evenings
JUST as we had finished our coffees and brownies a pizza van pulled up! Apparently they do stonebaked pizzas every Friday from 4.30 pm! Too bad my belly was so full of ice cream, coffee & crisps but there’s always next time.

And there you have it! My mini recap on all the fun things we were able to squeeze into a short Friday afternoon. It really was the perfect break from the city.


What I wore:

Archerfield Walled Garden sunflowers

Archerfield Walled Garden sunflowers

North Berwick beach

North Berwick beach

North Berwick beach

North Berwick

North Berwick Quality Street

Steampunk Coffee

Steampunk Coffee

Pizza van Steampunk Coffee



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