Sunny Sundays

Hey thereeeeeeee. How are you doing?
I’m back today with a post from a sunny Sunday a few weeks ago when Daniel and I roamed around Leith for a while, took some photos and then stuffed our faces with avo toast and cake. It was a really nice wintery day, even though we were both freezing. Daniel wanted to show off his new NASA jumper, which I immediately starting eyeing and found on ASOS as soon as I got home. May need to order one for myself. And as soon as he wanted me to take photos of it I threw on my new Jonak boots which I got in Lyon that have been glued to my feet since I love them so much.

I’m currently in the middle of packing for my trip to Florida tomorrow and am getting the dreaded pre-flight nerves…why does this get worse for me the older I get?! Is anyone else like this? Gah.
I’ve also been thinking about my blog lately and what I should be posting on here. I know I’ll be posting a lot more when I’ll be in Florida (mostly because I hate photo backlog and like to edit in smaller batches). A part of me feels like I should be writing more “valuable” posts that people might want to read more, i.e. tips and things to do in Edinburgh etc but I’ve found that it’s too unrealistic for me to do that every time. Sometimes I just like to throw random photos up with a chatty text and call it a day.
So- if you’re reading this can you do me a favour and tell me what you prefer (Insta DMs probably work best)? Are these random posts boring? Or do you not mind?

Anyways, I need to get back to packing! And I need to watch Friends after that to try and calm down before our flights tomorrow 😀 Hope you have a great evening ❤️

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