Sun by the Sea

Hey! Happy Friday! I’m so glad the weekend is nearly here, even though we had a four day week. But the longest short week ever it felt like. I don’t have a ton planned for this weekend except for catching up on work and some projects. Kind of dull but next weekend all the fun stuff kicks off! Firstly, we’re off to London to celebrate my best friend’s 30th and then on the Monday I’m flying to Mallorca for 4 days! I literally cannot wait! Slightly struggling with what bag to bring because I hate overpacking when I don’t end up wearing everything but my carry-on is tiny. So I might go have a look at new carry-on suitcases today to see if I can hunt down a slightly bigger one. Looking forward to getting some sunshine!
Speaking of sunshine, we took these photos a few weekends ago when there was a rare day of sun so on our way to run some errands I requested we drive to a beach to get some fresh air (full disclosure: I was suffering from a wine hangover so needed to get out of the flat). This is a very typical outfit for me on a Sunday- jeans, boots and a t-shirt.
Anyways, keeping this short and sweet cause I need to get on with my to-do list 😒 Have a great weekend!

I’M WEARING: Jacket: ZARA | Jeans: H&M | Checkered shirt: UNIQLO | Boots: Jonak Paris 


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