Looking for someone to help tell your brand’s story through written content like blog posts, promoting through various social media platforms and paid advertising solutions?
I offer a range of services that can help your brand, including creative content creation, guest blog posts and photography.


[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]Content creation

Do you want eye-catching, interesting content that tells your brands story? I’m here to help. My focus is on creating high-quality visual content that really stands out. If you need sponsored stories or posts, reviews, guides or Instagram takeovers, get in touch!

– Reviews (for ex food, hotels, events or products)
– Creative storytelling through blog posts, Instagram posts and stories
– Instagram takeovers
– …and more[/one_third] [one_third padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]Photography

Taking photos is my one true love. My photography style is very “everyday” but super inspiring- I don’t like overly polished photos that look unrealistic. I specialise in travel, fashion, food, portrait and interior photography.

Check out my Instagram to see more of my day-to-day photos here.

See  example posts I have created for brands here. [/one_third] [one_third padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]Social media

I can also offer help with your social media strategy. I have over five years experience in social media marketing and strategy (as well as a masters degree in Media Management). I have worked with executing large scale campaigns, community management, organic and paid advertising, brand management and incorporating marketing and sales tactics into social media plans (plus so much more). I know this area inside and out and breathe it daily.   [/one_third]




Email me at or fill out the contact form below if you are interested in working together!

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