Rotermann Quarter in the Evening Light

Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn

When I booked my tickets to Estonia this summer I knew I wanted to make the most of being here by taking as many photos as humanly possible. The fact that it stays light for so long in the evenings is just perfect because I’ve been able to go out straight after work and enjoy essentially a days worth of activities between 5-11 pm. So far I’ve been to several of my favorite outdoor cafes and restaurants, taken walks in the park and strolled around photographing different areas of the city.

Literally on the second day I was back I attended my first ever Instawalk, something I’ve been meaning to go to for ages in Edinburgh but never found the time (or energy, because who wants to walk around in the rain?). The Instawalk in Tallinn was hosted in collaboration by Canon Nordic and Estonian fashion/lifestyle blogger Kristjaana. During the first hour or so both Canon and Kristjaana held presentations on some of the new cameras as well as techniques and compositions to keep in mind when shooting.

Then the fun began! We all walked to Rotermann Quarter, where I hadn’t been to in ages and hadn’t realized how much they’ve built there in the past year or so! We were all able to borrow different Canon cameras & lenses and then had an hour to go out and shoot whatever we wanted. I didn’t borrow a camera because my main goal is to get better at using the one that I have, and I definitely think this workshop and activity helped me. After the hour was up we all assembled back at Canon’s office and went through the photos. It was amazing to see how different all the photos were. I tend to be quite close-minded with what I see so this kind of taught to me to see one environment in several different ways. Some of the photos taken on the day can be found here on Instagram under the hashtag #mystorytallinn.

Rotermann Quarter shadows

I decided to try and work with the light that Rotermann has, particularly because the windowed buildings cast a lot of shadows. I also wanted to use my cousin or sister as a subject because I like to take photos of people. Overall, I’m really happy with how the photos came out and I can’t wait to sign myself up for more Instawalks soon. And of course go back to Rotermann to shoot!

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Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn
Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn
Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn

Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn


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