A Rambly Post and 5 Fun Things That Have Happened This Week

Lately, I’ve been a bit of a pain to be around. I’ve morphed into this stressball of a creature and it’s becoming super annoying. I sat myself down yesterday (well, I was already sitting down) and had a little inward interrogation. What’s up? What’s making you so stressed? Are you enjoying all the things you’re doing? What could you eliminate? What are your priorities? What makes you most happy?
Sometimes I find it necessary to stop and look at the bigger picture.  After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that while I enjoy all most of the things I do, I simply don’t have enough time to do everything. I’m currently juggling between completing a course, working for my “main job”, doing some freelance and then finally blog stuff. My issue is that it’s 100x more difficult to actually get something done if I’m jumping between tasks not only on a daily basis but sometimes on an hourly basis. I’ve got notes scattered all around my desk with unfinished tasks waiting to be ticked off. Most of these won’t even take that long to do (reply to an email here, fill out this one form there- that kind of thing), but when it all piles up I become frustrated and stressed and am scared of letting people down. So I narrowed all of these frustrations down and have come to the following conclusions: I need to slow down enough to enjoy everything that I’m doing. I want to do a good job at all of these things but I need to give myself the headspace for it. I need to say no when I feel overworked and as a result overwhelmed- people will generally be understanding.

I’m feeling so much better about this, especially after having some rants to my best friends, mom, husband, mother-in-law and now in this post (what a long ramble ehhhhh).
What I also did yesterday was step back and look at the fun stuff that’s happened in the past week or two. Amidst the chaos there’s been some fun highlights, some small, some a little bigger. I wanted to share them:

1. I spent an awesome weekend in the forest

Scottish Highlands
I’ve been spamming everyone on Instagram with photos of my weekend in Glencoe but it was honestly the nicest weekend I’ve had…well, all year probably.

2. I met some of my Instagram friends for the first time

Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend

I finally went out for a cocktail night with some lovely people I’ve met through Instagram! It was so refreshing to meet new people who have similar interests. Makes me so happy to live in this city. Hashtag blessed.

3. I got an awesome package in the post containing….

THESE UNICORN SLIPPERS!!!!!!! My lovely friend Lisha sent these to me and they’ve been glued to my feet for the past week. Fancy footwear that keep my feet warm and cozy = win.

4. My photo is on the cover of this magazine

Tallink catalogue
Haha, my face is also on this, which makes me feel slightly awks but whatever. I did really like the photo, it’s taken in Tallinn which always makes me happy. I also like the fact that my little sister took this <3

5. I finally upgraded my camera!

After about a year of going back and forth between thinking if I really need an upgrade I finally took the plunge and upgraded my camera. I loved the other one and I while it’s still an awesome camera I felt that it was time to get a better one as I’m taking more and more photos for clients now. If anyone is interested in buying a Canon 70D body and/or a Sigma 18-35 1.8mm lens give me a shout as I’m selling these! They’re both in great condition.

Also, on another note I thought I would share some interesting/fun articles I’ve come across in the past week or so:

Are You Friends With Your Parents?

This article really got me thinking. For the longest time, my parents were just my parents to me. They made decisions for me (or helped me make mine), they pushed me to do things (like study), they protected me, they fed me etc etc. The worst feeling was letting them down. After starting uni that kind of started to shift a little bit. Not completely, but a little bit. Suddenly, I called them for advice on things I never needed advice on before and they always left it open-ended. I got to make the ultimate decision?! What?! Whyyy? Can’t you just decide for me?! 
Recently, in the past five years or so I’d say, they’ve become well…different. I suddenly worry about them. I suddenly don’t agree with them on everything and end up arguing with them. I suddenly have to teach them things. It’s a weird shift. Especially because my little sister is only 14 and her view of them is so different. I almost wish I was her age again. It scares me that either it’s me that’s become old enough to jump up “a level” and join them in proper adulthood or that they’re the older ones now and I don’t have a choice but to worry.

Asos Just Launched A Same Day Delivery Service

Ummm….well isn’t this just great news for everyone! It only applies to London right now but apparently they’ll be extending to other UK cities soon. I’ll shamefully admit that I bought a yearly next-day delivery pass thingie but this will take my impulsive shopping habits to a whole new level hehehe. Need a dress for dinner tonight? Nemas problemas. Ran out of socks? Nemas problemas. This could get dangerous.

Social Menopause: Have You Gone Through “The Change” Yet?

This spoke to me on so.many.levels.
I was in Copenhagen last last weekend with our lovely friends Eleonor and Erik from Stockholm and Eleonor asked me if we wanted to go out that night- like to the clubbbbbb. I was super tired from traveling, was enjoying my little glass of wine and regretfully said “I’m really sorry but I’d rather save my energy for tomorrow. But if you guys want to go out, I’ll do it!” I could actually feel the relief oozing out of Eleonor. She literally exhaled the biggest exhale of all the exhales and whispered that she was hoping we’d be as boring as her.
In a way, I’m happy to be like this now. I find so much more happiness from going out for coffees on a sunny Saturday morning than finding my way home with chips and cheese at 3 am. The happy medium for me is bottomless brunch though. Get the prosecco out at noon, drink until 6, go to sleep at 9 and wake up fresh as a daisy the following day. Win, win & win.

Lidl Launches New Organic Prosecco That May Leave You Hangover-Free

Speaking of prosecco though……IS THIS FOR REAL? This could solve all my problems.

The Internet Is at War Over the Color of These Sneakers

Haaa, we’re back with the good ol’ color mix-up. For some reason I love these kinds of articles. I see turquoise and grey, what do you see?

Ok, that’s enough for this rambly post. I’ve got a backlog of photos to get up so I’ll be posting a mini Copenhagen weekend guide and a Tallinn guide soon, plus some Edinburgh focused ones too.
Seeeeeeeee ya!



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