Printable travel checklist

I travel a LOT. At least once a month I find myself running around my flat looking for all the things I need to take with me. Now, I’m not super organized. If I’m honest then it’s the complete opposite. I’m very last minute with everything and I leave my things hanging around in random places.

Last week I decided to start packing my things a whole TWO days before my flight. This time around I would be away for around 6 weeks and would fly from Edinburgh to Belfast to Stockholm to Tallinn to Faro and then finally back to Edinburgh at the end of July. I needed to pack for as many weather scenarios as possible and make sure I had all my cables,adapters, chargers etc with me.

My solution: a printable travel checklist.

A simple travel checklist that is saved on my laptop that I can print out every time I’m going away. I always find that even if I’m away for a weekend or a whole month there are always the ‘basic’ items that I will still need regardless. Like a toothbrush, makeup, charger etc. So this was it’s easy for me to just print off my checklist, add the extras that I will be needing on the list and check them off quickly.

I’ve made a printable version of the travel checklist which can be downloaded here for the smaller long version and here for the A4 version.




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