Postcards from the farm

Hi frens!
I had actually put these photos together all in one place sometime a few weeks ago when I was still isolating at the farm but of course, as usual, I forgot to post anything.

I’ve realised that I have over 25,000 photos in my camera roll and my phone is getting so slow that I’ve started uploading random ones into my media folder on the blog. But I don’t really know why I don’t just put together into posts. It’s fun to look back at collections of photos so I think I’ll just start putting together super informal posts every week with different photos of what I’ve been up to.

So for this one – here’s what I got up to during my two weeks in isolation at the farm. It was a strange couple of weeks to say the least. At first I was actually pretty relieved to be alone in the middle of nowhere since I had just come from Edinburgh where lockdown was intense compared to here and I felt like I needed some space after flying through several airports. But then in the second week I started to get a bit lonely (even if the cat was there), especially after finding out that my grandfather had died, which was why I came home in the first place. Those last few days were a bit tough but the second I was “free” I went into town and got a haircut and saw my friends and felt 100x better. Plus, all in all it was very comforting to be back in Estonia with my family for my granddads funeral.

Anyway, in the two weeks I was at the farm solo with the cat I worked most weekdays and then cooked, cleaned and watered the plants and herbs lol. And also read some books and many articles (mostly on BLM) and just tried to relax a bit. If I had to quarantine again I would definitely want to do it somewhere like the farm, it was almost like a mini peaceful resort.

Slow living to the max, basically 🙂


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