Pop of red

red dress

    1. Red flower dress | 2. Ray-bans | 3. Ripped denim jacket | 4. MAC Morange lipstick | 5. Red handbag | 6. Converse | 7. Beige ankle boots



I never wear dresses unless its super duper hot outside in the summer. I realized the reason why I don’t wear dresses is because they’re often too short on me and I feel uncomfortable, especially if it’s windy. But then a few days ago I found this red New Look dress on ASOS that was in the tall section. It was literally one of the first times that I’ve ever tried on an online purchase and that fit me perfectly. Needless to say, I’m super happy and now have this newfound love for dresses! Suddenly I have so many options 😍 The only issue is that since I’ve never been an everyday dress wearer I’m not sure what they look good with. For example, this dress didn’t look great with tights so I’ll have to work my way around that. I was googling away today looking at different ways to wear it- like above. I don’t actually own a ripped denim jacket but I saw one recently that I’m thinking of buying- plus it’ll go with a lot of my clothes now that the weather has warmed up.
Now…time to search for more dresses 😉


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