An Unlikely Choice – Short Pink Floral Dress

Coast pink dress

Haha, look at my awkward face ↑ I made my friend Elli take a few photos of me by this red wall because I wanted to show off my dress- something that I never usually wear. In fact, I don’t wear a lot of dresses since they tend to be too short on me and also just make me feel uncomfortable. But sometimes when it’s too hot outside a dress is the only thing that works so that I don’t end up a sweaty mess. I actually got this dress a while ago, maybe last summer? I can’t remember exactly but it’s from Coast and I love it! I also wore in LA too. A few months ago I was perusing the Coast sale and came across a very similar dress but in a different color and print, so I ended up buying that one too. The cut just seems to work on me, it pulls my waist in but let’s my food baby hang out comfortably hehe. What’s good about the pink one above is that the color of it really brings out a tan. And it helps me move away from my lazy sweats and sneakers attire for a change 😉

Here are some similar floral dresses from Coast in the same style:

Coast pink dress
Coast pink dress
Cannes beach sunset



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