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denim skirt

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Excellence El Carmen Punta Cana

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We got back from our (very) belated honeymoon a few days ago and I’ve still got the post holiday blues. It was just the best trip ever! We stayed at a resort near Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic called Excellence El Carmen and I cannot recommend it enough! It was hands down the nicest hotel I have ever been to. Everything was so easy when we were there- the food was amazing, the drinks were great, no issues with our room, the staff were beyond friendly etc.

We never do “lazy holidays” that are longer than a few days so I thought I would get a bit restless but it was the opposite. It was almost like my body shut off and relaxed, like I could have stayed in that state forever haha. Our days consisted of: waking up, breakfast (I only gobbled down mango and watermelon hehe), pool/beach time, nap, back to pool/beach, get ready for dinner, have dinner (in one of their 12 restaurants!), a few drinks, zzz. Ah, feels like a distant memory now 🙂

My new love – the denim skirt

Even though I packed a ton of clothes to take with me I ended up wearing a couple of things most of the days. One of which was this denim skirt that I literally bought the night before we flew out on a whim at H&M. This skirt is so easy to wear and works with everything! It can be casual or a little dressed up, looks great with a tan and is also a bit longer in the back which is good for me since I’m pretty tall. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it all summer long and might even invest in a lighter color. I got my denim skirt here from H&M here.




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