Monday Moodboard no.2

Happy Monday! Here we go again… This week is going to be BUSY! I have so much work to catch up on that it’s not even funny. Starting to sweat just thinking about it, haha. But anyways. Here’s a moodboard of the things I’ve really been into the last few weeks: – WATER. The seaside, ocean, rivers, lakes, whatever. I’ll…

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3 days in London

What I was able to pack in to 3 days in London! 3 days in London is definitely not a long time, but I feel like I was able to pack in quite a lot. I set off on Thursday last week, with my little green suitcase in tow. I’m not huge into making tons of plans when I go…

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Monday Moodboard no.1

Happy Monday! Lately I’ve really been into Pinterest again, pinning left & right like a maniac. It’s probably got to do with the horrible weather- it’s disgustingly grey & gloomy where I am right now! I’m really, really waiting for spring to arrive. The other night I actually had a nightmare that it was November and that the winter was…

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About Me - a lifestyle + travel blog by KK Land

Welcome to my blog! This space started due to a combination of things – my cosmopolitan lifestyle and my love of taking photos. My biggest love is to travel and I don’t stay put in one place for more than a few weeks.

Here you can find a mix of different posts, such as my days spent in Edinburgh, with a coffee cup in hand. Or my travel adventures in different countries. Or some style posts- I’m a casual gal but enjoy a good statement piece.