This is what I wore last Wednesday when we went out for a walk to see what this sunshine thing was all about. And pretty much everyday since has been disgusting, with literally buckets of rain coming down! I got these boots on ASOS a few months ago but haven’t had the chance to wear them much because they slide…

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winter darks

Ever since about last March I’ve felt like I’m constantly two months behind. So in my mind I’m in September (maybe even late August). This probably started when I had to get a move on with the wedding planning and always felt just a liiiiiiittle bit behind with everything. So needless to say, I’m totally NOT in the Christmas mood.…

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Hello & 40 questions

Hello! This is my first post ūüôā I’ve decided to start a blog since I’ve recently moved. I feel like all the photos I take are on random memory cards and disks and I’ve kind of lost them in a mess. So it’ll be fun to post about things that I’m up to and have something to look back on…

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