Upside Down Braid Bun Hairstyle for Summer

First of all, excuse the baby hairs. They’re always out of control. I’ve even contemplated on cutting them off but they’d just grow back, right? 🤔 But! Aside from the baby hairs look at this upside down braid bun I managed to make! In like 2 minutes too, which is pretty awesome. I’m definitely not skilled when it comes to making braids…

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Fields of Gold

Confession: I have an unhealthy obsession with rapeseed fields. Well, I guess it’s not only rapeseed fields but any fields with flowers. If we had tulip fields here I’d be even more ecstatic. When we flew back from the Dominican a few weeks ago I was super jetlagged but dragged myself out for a walk in Holyrood Park. When I…

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Monday Moodboard no.9

  Happy Monday! Aaaaaand here we are again.  The.slowest.day.on.the.planet.for.sure. I am sooo tired today, which actually isn’t a big surprise. We attended a wedding at the weekend which was absolutely amazing but I spent most of yesterday looking after my ill husband which was not the way to spend a Sunday, to say the least 🙂 Today has been spent…

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About Me - a lifestyle + travel blog by KK Land

Welcome to my blog! This space started due to a combination of things – my cosmopolitan lifestyle and my love of taking photos. My biggest love is to travel and I don’t stay put in one place for more than a few weeks.

Here you can find a mix of different posts, such as my days spent in Edinburgh, with a coffee cup in hand. Or my travel adventures in different countries. Or some style posts- I’m a casual gal but enjoy a good statement piece.