Healthy Red Velvet Beetroot Pancake Recipe

A few months ago I made a post on a bunch of healthy pancake recipes I found on Pinterest that I wanted to try. I totally forgot to post about these red velvet pancakes that were on that list! I made them literally the morning after finding the recipe, that’s how excited I was about them. The recipe is from…

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A Sunday Well Spent- Picnicking in Edinburgh

Last Sunday when the weather was actually nice for once in Edinburgh (unlike the torrential downpour happening yesterday), I dug out our picnic basket that we got as a wedding gift, packed it full to the brim with snacks and prosecco and hiked up to Calton Hill with Charlotte for a fun day in the sun. Honestly, having this picnic…

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Lemonade 🍋

Lemon Juice sweatshirt | 2. Lemon bikini | 3. Lemon playsuit | 4. Grey lemon t-shirt | 5. Lemon top and shorts | 6. Lemon print dress| 7. Sunny lemon t-shirt     Yellow. A color I never thought I would wear. I don’t even think I own anything yellow. But slowly it’s a color that I’m  becoming increasingly interested in. I think this started with…

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About Me - a lifestyle + travel blog by KK Land

Welcome to my blog! This space started due to a combination of things – my cosmopolitan lifestyle and my love of taking photos. My biggest love is to travel and I don’t stay put in one place for more than a few weeks.

Here you can find a mix of different posts, such as my days spent in Edinburgh, with a coffee cup in hand. Or my travel adventures in different countries. Or some style posts- I’m a casual gal but enjoy a good statement piece.