October plans

It’s already the 8th of October but I feel like my mind is still in August. I’ve been trying to set myself proper goals and plans for each month so that I can stay more organized and on top of stuff. I feel like I’ve been juggling 20 different things at the same time and don’t get things ticked off quickly enough. So I decided to make a mini list of things I want t achieve in October that are both work and fun!

1. Perfect my pumpkin pie making

I haven’t made a pumpkin pie in years but I really want to set aside some time this month (maybe a few evenings or a weekend afternoon) and try to make the perfect pumpkin pie. I bought a few cans of pumpkin puree in the States last week so I really have no excuse. Plus, my family will be force fed pumpkin pie which they can’t really complain about, can they?!

2. Sort out the flat

Big news- my husband and I recently bought a flat in Tallinn. We won’t actually be living in it since we don’t live in Estonia but I need to sort stuff out in it reaaaaal quick to start renting it out ASAP. I’m half excited and half nervous because once I get the keys next week I only have about two weeks to get everything done before I fly back to Scotland. Plus, I’ve never owned property before and sorted out things like insurance, renovations, furniture etc. Fingers crossed that this all goes smoothly.

3. Catch up with coursework

About  year ago I started a course on web and graphic design and while I’ve mostly enjoyed it, I’ve fallen majorly behind in the past few months. It all happened in the summer since I don’t get June, July and Aug off and instead of focusing on coursework, I decided to barbecue and drink rosé hehehe. It’s fine though since I’ve set aside some days this week to try and catch up as fast as possible and I’m not too worried about it.

4. Halloweeeeeeen

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! 🎃 I love everything about it, the pumpkins (obvs), the decorations, people dressing up etc. Last year we spent Halloween in Edinburgh with a bunch of friends which was really fun but I’m not sure what our plans are this year and if we’re even doing anything since I don’t go back to Scotland until the 27th. But what I do know is that I want to get as much into the Halloween spirit as possible- carving pumpkins, wearing my new Halloweeny t-shirt, making myself into a cat etc.

5. Move ma body and stop eating Jolly Ranchers

Oh dear god, the past few months have been horrible in terms of me not exercising enough (=at all) and eating everything bad around me. It’s almost like I just didn’t care so I stuffed my face with cakes and crisps and am now paying the price for it. I’m starting the Insanity workout again which I did a few years ago, so there’s really no excuse since I don’t even have to go to a gym. Let’s see how this goes.


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