I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

October 2017October is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (Note- I wrote this last week in a hurry, it’s actually already the 2nd of Oct). When I think back Octobers are always quite fun for me! My birthday is in October, Halloween is in October and the clocks haven’t turned yet (my life basically revolves around the clocks). Two years ago I had just moved to Edinburgh and had started my course so I was a busy bee with new things and a new environment to get used to. Last year I went to LA and San Fransisco with my dad, then got the keys to our very first home (where I’m writing this post from)! This year I’m also looking forward to October, for many different reasons. Here are some of the fun things I’ve got planned for October:

01. First of all, I’m starting the 1st of October off at our farmhouse, which is literally my favourite place on earth. We’ll be there with the whole family, lots of friends and hopefully some sunshine to celebrate both my dads and little cousins birthdays.

coffee cup

02. The first weekend of the month Rob and I are off to Copenhagen with 4 of our friends. Plans: possibly go to Louisiana, take lots of photos, drink lots of yummy drinks, eat lots of yummy food, laugh until we fall asleep. That is all.

Nyhavn Copenhagen
03. Then the weekend after that we’re going back to Glencoe yaaaaaay! I literally can’t wait! We’re staying in this awesome pod on the river on the first night and this amazing bothy on the second night. I think I’ve looked at photos of both of these places at least 20 times in the past few months, that’s how excited I am.

04. Then the following week we have lots of family coming over to stay- first, the in-laws are coming as we’re all attending a wedding in Edinburgh and then my side of the family arrive to visit for a few days. It’ll be a full house but that’s how I like it best anyway. I hate when the flat is so empty after visitors leave 🙁

05. But not to fret- then it’s Halloween. I think we’re spending Halloween in Glasgow this year, depending on what our friends are doing. We’ve got a lot more friends living in Glasgow rather than Edinburgh so it’ll be a nice excuse to go visit them. And that’s pretty much it for the month. Good times ahead!



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