New Years Eve Hairstyle Ideas ✨

new years eve hairstyle

Just as I wrote in my last post, I’ve been lazy and haven’t been doing anything special with my hair lately. I want to do something really fun for New Years Eve, mainly because it’s so cold here so I know I’ll be bundled up and my hair is one of the only things I can “show off” haha.

My fav ideas for New Years Eve hairstyles


new years eve hairstyle

I wonder if I can pull this off with blonde hair?! Would glitter even show up in my hair? I’m soooo keen on trying this because it looks so cool!


new years eve hairstyle

Last year I experimented a bit with hair color…like when I dyed it purple and it eventually washed out to look like an ugly greenish tint 😒 I did have it a rose pink color for New Years Eve last year (bad photo here) and that actually looked really good. It was very subtle though so I don’t think anyone noticed but I’d like to try it again!


new years eve hairstyle

Hmm…this would probably be easy to recreate and would look good with any outfit.


new years eve hairstyle

I saw this tutorial from @whatlydialikes on Instagram last week and immediately ran out to look for hair accessories that work with updos. I got some clips from H&M that I might try out on New Years Eve.


new years eve hairstyle

If I’m feeling lazy I might just go for messy waves or curls and focus on my eye makeup instead.


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