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Confession. I bought more make up. Shame on me. I know I don’t need any more so now I’m going on a major ban. I haven’t decided on how long this ban should last for but a long time. Super long time. I hope.
Anyways, when I was in the US I ordered some Colourpop stuff to be delivered to a friend’s house but long story short I got the address wrong and it had to be delivered here to Scotland. Which should have been fine because Colourpop had free international shipping over $50 but I had to pay £17 in customs fees which was a pain in the ass! I did consider the whole customs fee thing but I really didn’t think it was going to be that much..oh well, nothing I can about it now. Here’s what I bought and my thoughts…

Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless


This wasn’t actually for me but for my sister who’s been wanting it for ages. I tried it on when I got it on Wednesday and it’s STILL on my lips two days later (now looks more like a smudged lip liner but still). Also, it dries way darker than it looks in the tube. For me it’s a little too dark but at least it stays on the lips 😀

Lippie Stix in Oh Snap and Fetch


These were the two products I was most looking forwards to since I looooove the texture of these! I’m so happy with the colors! The one on the left is one of those ‘your lips but better’ shades. Obsessed. The other pink one works really well with my skin, it just kind of brightens up everything. I would buy more but well…my ban and all.


Eyeshadow in Rex



This is a gift for my cousin who picked it out when I was putting the order in online. I’m not going to use it myself obviously but it looks soooooo pretty in the pan. It’s like mermaids and the sky had bebes (weird).

Cream eyeliner in Best O



I bought two eyeliners, one a typical black twist up eyeliner in black which I didn’t take photos of because it’s boring and the other was a cream eyeliner in. I really like the cream eyeliner, it’s a dark purplish brown and is super pigmented. It’s a nice alternative to have in the autumn.

Blush in Thumper


I’m in loooove with this color! First I was scared it was going to be too harsh but it’s actually pretty subtle, almost like a pinkey flush on the skin.

Pigment in Animal


I think this is meant to be an eyeshadow pigment thing but I bought it to use as a blush.  I haven’t fully gotten to grips with it yet though because it’s got chunky glitter stuff in it so I’ll have to play around with it some more.

Highlighter in Most Necessary


I’m surprised I like this as much as I do because it’s really coppery. I thought it was going to be more of a rose gold but no. Luckily it’s not too orange on my skin so it works!

For now- no more make-up!




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