What I’m Currently Wearing


I’m currently lying here in bed under four duvets and sneezing uncontrollably. Even with the heating on I’m cold brrrrrr. Got some kind of nasty flu a few days ago and it hasn’t eased off yet. Hoping that another night of sleep well help! But, but…even though I’m sick I’ve still been working since I’ve got some deadlines I need to meet next week 😒

I try to not work in my PJ’s when I’m at home just to feel like I’m in a different setting and even though I’m under the weather I’m trying to stick to that rule. I’ve been living in my new super fluffy jumper that I got at TK Maxx last week and these newish mom jeans from ASOS that I’m obsessed with! Their really nice and thick/heavy and also high waisted so they don’t slouch, esp in the crotch area like many jeans do. I really want to get another pair soon that don’t have rips in them for the winter ahead (sidenote: how come it’s been so mild lately?!). Anyways I shall get back to watching my Woody Allen film now and wait for the husband to return from the shop with Lemsip, Doritos and M&Ms heeeeheee!🍬




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