Introducing my first Lightroom presets!

Hey guys! I’ve thought about doing this for a long time but haven’t really taken the plunge until now…I’ve decided to start selling my Lightroom presets on my blog/site.
I mostly used only Photoshop for a long, long time but moved onto Lightroom a few years ago and never looked back. I find it so much easier to edit in batches and tweak photos to look exactly how I want.
I’ve saved what feels like hundreds of different presets but I found myself going back to the same ones time and time again. These are the original 10 that I’ve been editing with for over a year now. I’ll mix it up depending on the photo and sometimes bump certain things up or down, but these are the presets that I mainly use. They’re easy to apply on any photo, really. They don’t massively change the photo to look crazy different- and that’s why I like them so much.
I’ve actually got a new set that are a bit warmer that I’ve been testing out recently. If you like these then I’ll definitely put the other ones up soon. They’re great for darker, wintery shots.
Anyways, if you end up buying them let me know how you like them! 😀



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