My Four Favorite Gin and Tonic Recipes

gin and tonic

For about ten years I absolutely HATED gin.
This was my reason for disliking gin so much: when I was about 18 I went to a house party where someone had a bottle of Pitu, which is a Brazilian spirit made of sugar cane and is typically used in Caipirinhas. I tried some of this Pitu stuff, but only about a shot glass worth and then immediately felt sick. So I threw up. I’m not sure if I threw up because of Pitu or something else but for some reason I decided that Pitu tastes like gin- I don’t even think that it does?! Does it?! And because I felt sick from trying Pitu I automatically decided that I didn’t like gin. It makes absolutely no sense, but my 18 year-old brain was questionable at times.

Fast forward to March 2016. I was at an event where I was handed a gin and tonic and couldn’t refuse it. Since there was nothing else to drink and I didn’t want to seem rude I took a sip of it. And fell in love. Like deep,deep love, the way I felt for Zac Efron circa 2008. I made my way back to Edinburgh, which is HUGE on gin, and proceeded to try every gin I set my eyes on. I have to be honest and say I’m actually pretty impressed with how many g&t’s I’ve tried and now know what I like and don’t like. So, here are my top 4 favorite gin and tonics that I like to make:

Fruity raspberry gin and tonic (in photo above)

Edinburgh Gin Original 35ml
Edinburgh Raspberry Gin 20ml
Fever Tree elderflower tonic
pomegranate ice cubes (freeze a few pomegranate seeds with water in ice cube trays)

Fresh and light gin and tonic

Eden Mill Original Gin 50ml
Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic
grapefruit slice

Autumnal gin and tonic

Caorunn Gin 50ml
apple slices
Fever Tree tonic

Winter gin and tonic

Professor Cornelius Old Tom Gin 50ml
Orange peel or slice
Fever Tree tonic

gin and tonic



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