Monday Moodboard no.6


Haaaaappy Monday!

Here we are again. I haven’t done one of these in ages but this week I needed to get some inspiration for a gallery wall I’m planning on making for our bedroom. The “color scheme”, I guess you would call, is blue and white so I need to choose prints/photos that go in line with that. Plus I love the combination of blue and white anyways so it’s not really an excuse. I’m excited to see it all come together. We’ll be using these Command safe strips for the walls to not ruin them as we’re renting this flat. We spent Friday night at IKEA (wild?!) getting frames because I didn’t want to buy frames that were too heavy. We’ve only got space for about 6 frames on the wall that I’m thinking so at least I don’t have to deal with too many different designs at once. I’m getting more prints than I need done though, just in case I want to change things around.

The weekend was really low-key and pleasant. I had a large deadline due last week that I sent off so it felt nice to just take it easy for a few days. We did lots of weekendy things like sleeping, drinking smoothies, going out for dinner, toning my hair (lol), Netflixing- Black Mirror (don’t know if I love or hate this show…). It’s these kinds of weekends I like the best. No real plans, just kind of taking it easy and being spontaneous 🙂
I’m not planning anything crazy for this week, just trying to get through some pieces of work before starting to tackle a bigger coursework assessment I have due in the beginning of January. Also want to go for an early morning walk tomorrow as it’s meant to be super sunny. I always get motivated and happy if I can leave the flat before the work day properly starts! It’s a nice way to wake up 🌅



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