Monday Moodboard no.4


You are dumb, Monday, like really dumb.

Did you like my poem? It’s dedicated to this beautiful day.
Today has truly been a chaotic day due to work and trying to get back into the swing of things after having family and friends visiting this month. Yesterday was kind of our official “last day” of proper summer as we waved off Rob’s parents. I now feel like autumn is fast approaching and I’m semi okay with it. I need my routines back. This month has been shitshow of drinking too much, eating too much, and not sleeping enough which has resulted in my work being less than efficient.
September is going to a be a good month though! The first weekend we’re off to Copenhagen for a mini break to just explore. Then I’m back in Edinburgh for a few weeks and then in mid Sept I’m off again to Tallinn and Stockholm for work. In the end of Sept I’m jetting to LA with my dad on a roadtrip for 6 days and I am SO DAMN EXCITED.

But for now…back to work 👍👍



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