Monday Moodboard no.3

How can it be August already?! I just don’t get it! It was April like a second ago?
I’m back in Edinburgh after few nice weeks off celebrating our wedding anniversary and just the summer in general. It’s strange to be back by my computer and trying to catch up on all the work I’ve missed- kind of feels like I was never away!
I’m still in complete summer mode right now, which is so nice! Probably because it’s semi-warm in Edinburgh right now so I don’t feel the need to wrap up in 5 layers before heading out the door. And August is going to be a fun month! The Fringe festival starts soon in Edinburgh (on Friday I think) so we’ve got tons of family and friends coming to visit in the next few weeks. Hallelujah, I love having friends over because sometimes it can get a bit lonely working and living in the same space so it’s nice to get out and explore the city with my friends💙

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