Monday Moodboard no.2

Happy Monday! Here we go again…

This week is going to be BUSY! I have so much work to catch up on that it’s not even funny. Starting to sweat just thinking about it, haha. But anyways. Here’s a moodboard of the things I’ve really been into the last few weeks:

Monday Moodboard

WATER. The seaside, ocean, rivers, lakes, whatever. I’ll take it. All I want to do is swim in the big blue. My bathtub will do for now.

GIN AND TONIC. I am absolutely obsessed with g&t’s right now. I used to despise gin, for some strange reason but was handed a g&t at a party a few months ago and now we’re basically in love. If I’m not drinking white wine, it’s definitely a gin and tonic. Luckily Edinburgh has a huge gin scene so we’ve been trying out some gin bars, which is so much fun! I’ve also bought a few couple bottles of Edinburgh Gin– currently the raspberry one is my fav. The pic on the right is a grapefruit & raspberry gin that I made the other night.

ANYTHING SILVER. I am totally obsessed with silver bracelets. Last month it was rings, this month it’s bracelets. More specifically, bangles and cuffs. Must invest in more.

CACTI & SUCCULENTS. ooooommmmmgggg. If there was such a thing as a succulent lady, it would be me. Recently I’ve just been so into the little green plants (even though I think I’ve managed to kill one, boo! Probably over-watered it).

SUMMERY MAXI DRESSES. They’re basically fancy nightgowns so it’s pretty self-explanatory why I like them. As soon as the weather gets better I plan on buying a few.

BOYFRIEND JEANS. After searching high and low for a pair of comfortable boyfriend jeans I finally found a pair at M&S!! So random, I know. But honestly, they are the most comfortable things ever. Since I work from home they’re the perfect solution for me. It feels like I’m getting dressed for the day but I’m still super comfy. The only issue is that I’m struggling finding the right tops to go with them. Trial and error, I guess.

CORAL LIPS. This is probably because I’m desperately waiting for summer and anything coral reminds me of that. Now all I need is a tan.

INFUSED WATER. I’ve realized that I really don’t drink enough water so I’m hoping that by spicing things up with fruits I’ll be more inclined to drink up. Going to be testing out lots of fun flavors this week.

That’s it! Until next week 🙂


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