Monday Moodboard no.12

Monday Moodboard

The bluest Monday there ever was

Oh, I realised again that it’s Tuesday morning. I put together this moodboard last night and then swiftly shut my computer. My gawd was I in a funk yesterday. I think I even had a feeling it was coming on Sunday because I tried to get some work done over the weekend to “prepare” myself. But alas, it did not work. I was moany, I was whiney, I was complainey. Everything took extra energy and extra motivation so I barely scratched upon the surface of what my productivity should’ve been. Ha, at one point I gave up, went to Tesco and bought not one but FOUR bags of candy. Then I lay on the sofa and ate from all four bags and watched This is Us. Was that silly? Yes. Did I feel better? No.
But I do today! And I feel like the moodboard is getting me excited for the weekend…becauseeeee Charlotte & I are going to Glencoe to stay at the Riverbeds that I’ve been yapping on all about. I went there for my birthday and got zero photos (also forgot my tripod so no still shots either) but we’re going back for one mission only- to take LOTS of photos! I am BEYOND excited! Can’t believe it’s coming up now.
On that note, I have a lot of work to do before the weekend so yeah…bai!

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