Monday Moodboard no.1

Happy Monday!
Lately I’ve really been into Pinterest again, pinning left & right like a maniac. It’s probably got to do with the horrible weather- it’s disgustingly grey & gloomy where I am right now! I’m really, really waiting for spring to arrive. The other night I actually had a nightmare that it was November and that the winter was still ahead of me haha. I don’t think I go into full seasonal affective disorder mode, but the weather definitely does alter the way I feel. So instead of bracing the cold and layering up I’ve decided to dream away instead 😀

I’m loving bright and white photos lately for some reason! Usually I’m all about super vibrant and colorful pictures (think beaches and cocktails) but suddenly I’m hearting all the clean, minimalistic pics on Instagram.
So here’s my moodboard for this week: bright homes, lots of coffee, Paris (because why not?! I’ve suddenly had the urge to visit again!), cozy beds & white blonde hair.

The white blonde hair stems from my hair fail from last week where I went to the hairdressers desperate to get rid of some blue that I had left in my hair. Basically, about two months ago I colored my hair purple, and while the dye claimed to be semi-permanent, it didn’t fully wash out. Instead, it slowly went from a vibrant purple, to lavender, to grey and finally to a teal-ish, blue-ish color. So when I realized that I’d be stuck with old moldy colored hair for the rest of my life I ran to the salon and they bleach washed (is that what it’s called?) my hair which got most of the color out but I still have a tint of very light green left. Sigh. Moral of the story is: don’t be stupid like me. Just don’t.

Photos are my own and found on Pinterest here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9


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