milk juicery edinburgh
milk juicery edinburgh

milk juicery edinburgh
Red velvet latte ūüėć

milk juicery edinburgh

A couple of months ago my friend Charlotte who runs the awesome blog¬† and Instagram Ohh For Shore¬†told me about a new cool place that had just opened in Edinburgh called the Milk Juicery which does healthy juices, smoothies, snacks and food. Of course I was super interested in trying it out, not only because I love coffee but¬†also because¬†their Instagram looked really fun (not gonna lie hehe). So basically only about a week after they opened Charlotte and I marched down there, oohed and aahed at the menu and proceeded to take photos of everything in sight (standard), but mostly of the plants hanging from the ceiling ūüćÉ.

We both ordered something called a red velvet latte, just cause it sounded cool haha. Basically it’s beetroot juice with hazelnut milk, rose water and agave. In my opinion it would have tasted better without the agave but that’s only because I’m not a huge fan of the taste of it (too sweet, am I the only one who thinks this even though I have a massive sweet tooth?!). I would definitely order it again though as it’s a nice alternative to a regular cup of coffee. We also got their avocado toasts which were amazing, but I’m a huge fan of avo toast as it is and it’s hard to get wrong.
Milk Juicery do an amazing lunch deal which I want to try out soon – ¬£7.50 for a lunch bowl or wrap with a smoothie…not bad! Their smoothie menu looked absolutely amazing so I can’t wait to go back!

They’re located on 19 Queensferry Street, which is perfect to stop into after an afternoon of shopping in town. AND they’re open late most days- 8 pm Mon to Fri which is great since most coffeeshops close early in Edinburgh. Check them out!

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