Meet Klaus

I’ve gotten a new look for the blog! I’ve been wanting something a bit more “airy” for a while now and Jack from LMND helped me achieve just that! I really cannot recommend Jack and his team enough so if you’re looking for anyone to help you with your site/branding/likeprettymuchanything get in touch with them, you won’t regret it.
If you find anything that doesn’t work properly please let me know so that I can get it fixed. Might have missed a link or something 🙂

  Anyways, what better way to show off the redesign with introducing our newest member of the family to you. Without further ado-  meet Klaus! He is a 2 month old fox terrier and is the happiest little doggie I have ever met. We picked him up last night and surprised my cousin with him for her birthday next week. She’s been begging for a dog for a few years now so my aunt finally gave in. Our whole family is very close so I know this little doggie will be spending a lot of time with me. I can’t wait for him to run around at our farm this summer! He’s currently trying to settle in and get accustomed to 2 cats, a new house and many excited people. So far he’s doing pretty good.
I’ll apologise in advance for the amount of puppy spam that you’ll be seeing this week on Instagram- I just can’t help myself!

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Klaus’s current loves include:

– peeing on the carpet
– climbing on your face
– biting cables
– sitting on backs
– crying at not being able to jump onto the sofa
– looking cute at all times
– only falling asleep when being held, stroked or belly rubbed
– sniffing the cats
– being a heartbreaker[/one_half_last]



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