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I get sucked into the endless black hole of the internet fairly frequently, several times a week I would say. It’s when I click on one post/article/picture/IG account and then continue clicking and clicking for hours on end and consume all this content without even realising it. Most of the time the things I come across aren’t hugely valuable to my life, like cat videos etc, but sometimes I find things that stand out. This is the list of things I’ve been liking this week:

1) How to use Pinterest to your advantage


I’ve recently got back into pinning and had no idea about rich pins! Good post to reinform me about how to use Pinterest.

2) Overthinking Instagram


This is written by a fellow Estonian and really stood out to me. I’m super into Instagram but sometimes can get a bit over-obsessive about the photos that I want to post. It was nice to see someone so open about their thoughts on Instagram.

3) Taking the perfect flatlay


I never really take flatlays but it’s because I’m not great at it. These photos just look so pretty! Will need to try these tips asap.

4) What couples fight about in IKEA


I LOVE Vice. This article was really fun and I can totally relate to it because my husband and I tend to bicker at IKEA about the useless things I want to buy and he doesn’t. Now all I want to do is go to IKEA and eavesdrop.

5. Lingering questions after Stranger Things


O.M.G. I LOVE Stranger Things. It was so good! But I have so many questions?! Most importantly, when is season 2 coming?!

6. What is draping?


Dafuq? Another contouring/strobing thing?

7. Raw Snickers slab recipe


Last weekend I tried my first raw Snickers bar at a cafe in Edinburgh called Grams. Now I’m seriously obsessed. And I’ve convinced myself that I absolutely need a food processor so that I can make these myself.

8. Unreal lentil, avocado & tomato salad


I’ve been making this salad most days for my lunches this past week. It’s so good and so filling!


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