Life Update: We Bought a Flat!

Hey friends!
It’s been a little while, eh? My blog posts have been few and far between- to explain without going into too much boring detail, the past year has been…weird. At some point I got ridiculously uninspired with taking and sharing photos. I thought it was a phase but then it just kind of dragged on until I hit a bit of a personal low in the summer sometime. No matter how much fun stuff I planned in my diary or travels I had booked, nothing took me out of my funk. My sleep suffered (as I mentioned on IG a few times), I wasn’t as social as I usually am, and basically, just decided to take things reaaaaaal slow to get back on my feet again.
And luckily, NOW I’M FEELIN GREAT! (mostly thanks to my patient husband, supportive friends and my therapist lol). I’m back to feeling inspired and excited for what’s to come. So the biggest news ,which might not actually be big news at all since I’ve basically screamed about it on Instagram…is that WE’VE BOUGHT A FLAT!

Robbie and I had discussed this for a long, long time. But because I have roots in so many places it wasn’t easy for me to decide to just casually buy a property (the idea of it still freaks me out, both financially and for personal reasons). But anyway, in the autumn we decided to go ahead and start looking at properties. The market in Edinburgh is absolutely crazy right now so trying to find something in the area we were looking at, in the right price range and with the features we like was near to impossible. The three or four other properties we bid on went from about 40-80k over the asking price, which was just insane to us. So we decided to look at properties that need renovating instead. In short, we ended up bidding and getting a flat that is a COMPLETE DUMP. No exaggeration 😂
The place hasn’t been touched in over 25 years- it needs new windows, full electrical rewiring, new radiators, new bathroom, new kitchen, replastering, painting…like, everything.
I thought I was going to be stressed out and while I’m not feeling super chill about it, I’m mostly very excited. Currently, we have the electrical work almost done, have found contractors we really like for the big jobs and have started ripping everything out to see what’s behind the walls etc. I’ve also started buying some of the bigger items like a sink, some tiles and stuff for the bathroom. The two key areas that we’ll focus on first are the kitchen and bathroom as they need most work.

Some details on the property:
– 3 bedrooms
– 1 (v small) bathroom
– in an old tenement building built around 1890
– has three boarded up fireplaces that we want to restore
– limited storage space so we need to be smart with adding in wardrobes

I’m really keen to document as much of the renovation process as possible on my blog, so that I can remember everything properly and share both the stuff that I feel like we did right and the mistakes we will most definitely make. I really hope you follow along!

Next up I’ll be sharing my bathroom inspiration and what I’ve had my eye on so far.

And also, here are a few photos that I took on the day we moved in:



  1. Adele
    March 17, 2019 / 7:27 pm

    SUCH an exciting project and Edinburgh tenements are the best … 💕

  2. March 18, 2019 / 12:04 am

    Congratulations! I’m sure it will look fantastic when you complete the renovation. Can’t wait to see the updates x

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