Lemonade 🍋

  1. lemonade
    1. Lemon Juice sweatshirt | 2. Lemon bikini | 3. Lemon playsuit | 4. Grey lemon t-shirt | 5. Lemon top and shorts | 6. Lemon print dress| 7. Sunny lemon t-shirt



Yellow. A color I never thought I would wear. I don’t even think I own anything yellow. But slowly it’s a color that I’m  becoming increasingly interested in.

I think this started with the whole “lemon trend”. At first I thought it was fun with the lemon phone cases, then the lemon makeup and accessory bags and now clothing. For some reason it just screams summer to me! I know it’ll die down in a while but I think I’ll jump on board this ship. Even if it’s something quite laid-back, like the lemon juice sweatshirt above. 🍋🍋🍋


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