Last week through my phone

I realised that I have sooooooo many photos on my phone (currently 11,000) and I snap pics of things several times a day- mostly now flat updates for my fam. Some of these go onto Instagram stories but many of them just end up sitting on my phone until I either delete them or move them over to a hard-drive. So I thought I would start putting some of them onto the blog as a little diary series of what I’ve gotten up to each week. Lettuce begin, shall we?

St Andrews Sq looking sunny and beaut. I was waiting for my friend Fran to go for a glass of vino after I’d been to see my therapist on Friday.

The living room finally got plastered last week! Hurrah.

On Sunday morning I woke up and remembered that I’d booked Montpeliers for brunch because we had an unused gift card that was expiring soon. What a pleasant surprise from past KK, it’s like finding a fiver in your pocket. I had french toast, yum yum.

After brunch we went to Asda and bought cleaning supplies because our neighbours in the new flat building had complained that everything was messy πŸ™ They were right, there was plaster and dust everywhereeeeee. We spoke to everyone though and they were super friendly and understanding.

Robbie and I also went to The Barony for dinner one night. It was a gifted thing but my gawd, was it delicious! I’ve been a few times before and I can’t wait to go back and try their cullen skink.

On Saturday Rob and I spent most of the day organising the old flat and in the evening my friends came round to check on progress in the new place. So we opened a bottle of prosecco and made an evening outta it <3

Went to the flat last night and saw that they’d started painting the first layer in one of the back rooms!

Leith Walk looking mighty fine a few evenings ago.

Found these photos of my sister and I as kids when I was packing. We have a 14 year age gap.

Found a mirror at IKEA that I liked the size of (HUGE). So I’m planning on ordering one i similar size soon!

Starting reading this book (haven’t gotten very far because I keep falling asleep lol) but I’m not sure if I like it…it’s creepy and makes me sad that we live alongside WEIRDOS in society πŸ™

We dropped off some stuff to keep in Robbie’s cousins garage and I harassed their cat by following it around their garden and demanding cuddles. Got none, failed miserably.

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