An Evening at Jupiter Artland

My weekdays can be pretty boring and bland, if I’m completely honest. Usually my weeks are separated into two groups: the weekdays where all the boring stuff gets done and the weekends where I get to have fun by going exploring, coffee drinking and shopping. But I’m trying to change this because I want to start having more fun during the weekdays too. I really feel like this will break up my weeks better and “spread out” the fun. I thought August would be the perfect month to do this in Edinburgh because the Fringe festival is starting and there are a lot of cool things happening in the city. Initially I thought the festival was already starting at the beginning of last week but it only started on Friday, which was super disappointing. But then I saw this event pop up on Facebook called Jupiter at Dusk. I had heard of Jupiter before, that it was basically like an interactive art museum place but outdoors. Without doing any further research I quickly booked the tickets and that was that.
On Thursday after work we drove off to Jupiter Artland. It kind of feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere (it’s actually only about a 20 min drive from the center of Edinburgh) but the actual place itself is huuuuuuge. We only had about an hour there and we rushed through about half of it. So I definitely want to go back before it closes for the winter season.

The first thing you see when you drive in past the forest are these fun Teletubby-like hills. They’re AMAZING. I would go back just to run on these hills again (note: don’t run too fast, it made me very dizzy).

Jupiter-ArtlandI had just finished watching Stranger Things the night before on Netflix so walking around looking at strange exhibitions in the forest kind of creeped me out, but in a good way. It was actually kind of exciting hehehehehe. I wish I had more photos of Jupiter Artland but it was getting dark so quickly that everything would have turned out so grainy. Only more reason to go back soon 😄



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