How to Spend a Weekend in Miami

Miami weekend guide

I won’t lie, I nearly cried when I was editing these photos today. All I want to do is transport myself back to the warmer, sunnier days of Miami.
But oh well, I’ll just have to live through these photos until June, I guess.

When we booked our tickets a few months ago I decided to be super strategic about our plans (which I’m usually not). We landed on a Friday so I decided we weren’t going to get a rental car until Monday and wanted to block off the whole weekend to relax in Miami and try to get over our jet lag before driving further up north. This was a fantastic idea, let me tell you! I booked us into the Washington Park Hotel, which is only about a block away from the beach. Because of this we didn’t need to rely on Ubers or cabs and were free to do what we wanted, when we wanted.
I researched quite a bit of stuff to do beforehand but didn’t make any specific reservations (minus the ice cream museum) because I wanted our plans to be flexible. But from all the stuff that I did research on we were able to tick off quite a few things. Here’s a list of things that I definitely think you should check out or do in Miami if you’re there for a weekend. Hope you like my guide!

Bike around South Beach

Biking around South Beach Miami

I knew I wanted to go on a bike ride in Miami and luckily our hotel provided bikes free of charge! We took a bike ride right before breakfast when it wasn’t too hot. I saw tons of other people with bikes borrowed from hotels but Citibike have stations all over South Beach. You can borrow from one station and return from another.
Honestly, it’s such a nice way to start a morning and I can imagine that doing it on a weekday is even nicer because there will be less people. We locked ours up for a while and took a wander down the beach but you could literally spend half a day doing a tour of South Beach.

Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream Miami
Well, this isn’t a surprise to anyone. I’ve gone on and on about the ice cream museum. If you’re in Miami and there are tickets available- GET THEM.
Read my post on the Museum of Ice Cream here to get a glimpse into what you can expect.

Explore Wynwood and the walls

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls aren’t in South Beach so you’ll have to drive or get an Uber there, which we did (actually, that’s another thing- Ubers are super cheap).
Wynwood is basically a district in Miami known for its street art. The Wynwood Walls is an outdoor art gallery with murals by world-known street artists. Many of the shops and restaurants in the area have murals on them too, though so you don’t need to necessarily only stay in the official walls area. What’s more, Wynwood has an awesome shopping, food and brewery scene. I’m not hugely into craft beer but for some idea really like the idea of it. So we checked out an awesome brewery called Concrete Beach which I recommend to anyone who likes beer, a fun atmosphere and AC, haha. It was the perfect way to wind down after walking around in the blazing hot sunshine for a few hours.

Have a beach day

Miami Beach
Well, this is an obvious one but you can’t go to Miami and not visit the beach, amirite? What I love about South Beach is that even though it’s such a popular tourist hotspot, the beach never feels crowded or dirty. It was a little too cool for us to get into the water but we couldn’t pass up a late afternoon of having a mini picnic on the beach. A lot of hotels provide beach towels so make sure to ask before buying or bringing your own.

Check out the different lifeguard huts

Lifeguard huts on South Beach

There’s just something so fun about the lifeguard huts in Miami! I made my husband walk up what felt like miles of beach (totally exaggerating here) just to go look at the different huts. I loved this spiky orange one I found. The funkier the better in my opinion.
On a side note, during our weekend in Miami we saw this one photographer with like three different models taking topless photos by the huts. It was so weird, like he just suddenly turned up, the girls whipped their tops off and they had a full photoshoot. I don’t really care about bare boobs but it made getting a lifeguard hut photo kind of hard because they were just constantly in my shot.

Go on an art deco tour

Art Deco Miami
Art Deco Miami
If you like art deco or architecture, make sure to walk around South Beach and look at the different styles of art deco buildings. I found that going down smaller side streets was more fun because the buildings were cuter. You can even do a proper art deco tour that lasts about two hours.

Catch the sunset at South Pointe Pier

South Pointe Pier
This photo above wasn’t taken at sunset obviously, but apparently the sunset is amazing from here. We biked down in the morning and I wished we had the time to go back in the evening. Definitely worth going to!

Don’t forget to eat

Bodega South Beach

Bodega South Beach
With all of this exploring, you gotta eat. We ate out at a few different places in South Beach:
Bodega– it looks like a little garage that you go into, order from a food truck and stand around eating amazing tacos 100% worth a visit.
The Front Porch Cafe– this place kept popping up for breakfast. We decided to go here on a whim and I’m so glad we did. Even though it was Sunday brunch time, we managed to get a table, the service was super good and quick and my pancakes were one of the best I’ve ever had.
Española Way– you can find a ton of different restaurants and bars along this street. It’s always full of people, the music is blasting and just has a great atmosphere. We ate at a Mexican place, which I would recommend but I don’t think it matters where you actually eat, it’s mostly great for the upbeat vibe. This was the third time we were there to spend an evening and I know we’ll always go back!


I hope this gave you some tips and inspiration for a trip to Miami and if you end up doing anything in this guide please let me know! 😊

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Miami Weekend Guide

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