Hotel Review: Hotel Indigo Dundee

Hotel Indigo Dundee review

 Last week I was kindly invited to check out Hotel Indigo Dundee, which couldn’t have come at a better time! Ever since the V&A opened in Dundee in September I had been dying to visit but hadn’t put a lot of thought into when we should go. So this hotel invite was exactly what I was looking for. 
 I love staying at hotels anyway because they feel like mini getaways and you guys know how much I love to combine nights away with exploring different parts of Scotland. 
Hotel Indigo Dundee is actually a former textile mill so I was interested to see how they had designed the industrial style building into a hotel. Read on to see more photos and what I thought!

what i liked about Hotel Indigo Dundee:

– First off, what I noticed in the hotel were the design elements. As soon as you walk into the hotel you’ll notice it has a very distinct style. The furniture, colours and art all go together very well. I’m not great at describing these things but it all looks very “cool” haha. It was a mix of old and new, with a nostalgic retro and childhood-like vibe. 
Not only that, but this was probably one of the more “techy” rooms I’ve stayed in. For example, the bathroom had a volume button which was linked to the TV so you could listen to whatever was on the telly in the other room. Kinda loved it. 

– I was pleasantly surprised when we walked into our room to see that the size was really big! Ours didn’t have a traditional square or rectangular shape because it was in the part of the hotel where the bell was. So we had one spacious area where the bed and wardrobe was and then a little area that stuck out which was an office nook. The bathroom and shower was really roomy as well.

– OKAY, one of my favourite things- the bathroom. The underfloor heating was amazing! It wasn’t just a little bit warm, it was toasty warm- exactly how I like it on a cold winters day. The bathroom also had Arran toiletries, which I’ve used before and really like the scent of (I took these home, naturally) and nice fluffy bathrobes that I pranced around in. 

– Dundee isn’t huge so it doesn’t take very long to walk from one side to the other but I still want to point out that the location was really good, only about a five minute walk from the high street. It’s also right across the street from a big M&S in case you need anything.

– One thing I was pretty excited about was the food. I put up a question sticker on Instagram asking people where we should go in Dundee and quite a few people told us to go eat at Daisy Tasker, which just happened to be in our hotel! We ate both dinner and breakfast there and I can highly recommend both!
I had the Christmas dinner and Robbie had lamb in the evening, alongside a few cocktails. In the morning you could choose to have the breakfast bar or order something from the menu so I had pancakes.  
Next time I go back to Dundee I’m definitely going to eat there again. I’ve heard their Sunday roast is meant to be amazing. 

– A fun little thing that made me happy was that there were Scottish shnacks (my fave word) in the room! Crisps, Tunnock’s caramel logs and Irn Bru. NOT A BAD IDEA, hotels out there listening! 

– Something that really irks me at hotels is when the staff are cold and unfriendly. Not the case here- everyone was very helpful and welcoming πŸ™‚

– A random thing I picked up on was that there was a pillow menu, which is essentially that you can order different pillows if you want to. I kind of regret not doing it since I’m a really picky pillow person and enjoy sleeping on very flat pillows. It’s a nice touch for hotels to have! 

Hotel Indigo Dundee review

what i didn’t like:

– Honestly, there’s really nothing that I would say I didn’t like, but just a few things to keep in mind. One of them is parking– there is only a limited amount of parking spaces in their courtyard. If you need parking then make sure to park on the street outside of the hotel area. We somehow got lucky and found a spot but it was only because someone was pulling out as we got in. 

Hotel Indigo Dundee review
Hotel Indigo Dundee review
Hotel Indigo Dundee review
Hotel Indigo Dundee review
Hotel Indigo Dundee review

would i go back?

Absolutely! I would recommend for anyone visiting Dundee to stay at this hotel. Even though it is essentially a part of a chain, it definitely didn’t feel like it. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at another IHG or Indigo hotel in the future!

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* Written in collaboration with Hotel Indigo Dundee.


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