Hello & 40 questions

Hello! This is my first post 🙂 I’ve decided to start a blog since I’ve recently moved. I feel like all the photos I take are on random memory cards and disks and I’ve kind of lost them in a mess. So it’ll be fun to post about things that I’m up to and have something to look back on later on.

Since I didn’t really know what to start off with I thought I would post this random question thing- sort of like what I did with my friends when I was a teenager through those chain e-mails that were pretty fun. I can’t be the only one who remembers this!


1. How old are you in five years?
32- oooooold!!!


2. Who have you spent at least two hours with today?
Well, I woke up next to my husband so I guess him, before he went to work.

3. How tall are you?
Good question! I’m not 100% sure but I think I’m like 174 cm.

4. Which movie was the last you saw?
We watched a movie the other night on Netflix called In Your Eyes. Even though the acting wasn’t super great I still really enjoyed it!

5. Who was the last person you called?
Probably my friend Mine who lives in Stockholm. We call each other on our lunch breaks.


6. Who was the last person who called you?
Probably Mine haha, we just call back and forth a few times a day. Sometimes we only talk for like a minute. It’s just so easy with FaceTime audio!! Too lazy to text 😀

7. What did the last text you got say?
“Trying to impress me with your looks haha”. This was also from Mine- I was putting on makeup when she texted to ask if I was free to for her to call haha!

8. Do you prefer calling or texting?
Usually calling, I get so bored with texting because I can’t text fast enough- too much to say!

9. What is your favorite place?
Probably my family’s country house.

10. What is your least favorite place?
Hmm….I really, really don’t like crowded subways, conference rooms or hallways. I get so claustrophobic!

11. How many siblings do you have?
One, a little creature who just turned 13 a few days ago

12. What’s the last picture you took with your cellphone?
Hehe, a coffee. Of course. Pic below:


13. Do you have a pet?

14. Are your parents married or divorced?
Happily married, thankfully.

15. When did you wake up this morning?
Around 9 when my husband woke me up. I am NOT a morning person.

16. Where are you in 10 years?
Urgh, this question scares me. I have NO idea!

17. Potato chips or candy?
Candy candy candy candy. I have the biggest sweet tooth (and dental problems) out of everyone that I know. It’s SO hard for me to not eat candy every day! 🙁

18. Which YouTube just clip made you laugh?
Haha, it wasn’t a YouTube clip but it was a video that’s been circulating on Facebook of cats getting scared of cucumbers. So funny! Watch it HERE

19. What’s your best quality?
I would say I’m  kind.

20. What’s your worst quality?
Impatience. It’s horrible. I hate waiting for anything.

21. What do you wear to sleep?
Just a plain T-shirt. I can’t sleep in long PJ bottoms cause they wrap around my legs and really annoy me.

22. Who do you call when you’re angry/upset?
My husband Robbie. Poor guy always gets the worst of it 🙁

23. What’s the biggest prize you’ve ever won?
Umm…like literally nothing. Wait, once I won a lipstick when I subscribed to a magazine for a year. When I received the lipstick it was a huge anticlimax cause it was ORANGE AND SPARKLY. What?!

24. What’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?
Hmm…I’m not too adventurous with eating things but I guess blood sausage during Christmas can freak some people out.

25. Do you have any piercings?
Only ear piercings, 2 on each ear.

26. What are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to a DJ I really like called Cyril Hahn on Soundcloud.

27. Which ice-cream is your favorite?
Peanut butter and chocolate mmmmmmmmm

28. Which dessert is your favorite?
In terms of cakes and things probably brownies.

29. Do you like coffee?
I LOVE coffee! Can’t live without it!

30. What do you prefer to drink with breakfast?
Coffee, obvs.

31. What’s the last thing you bought?
Hmm….I bought post stamps! How uninteresting :/

32. What have you eaten today?
I ate porridge with blueberries for breakfast, then beef stew, rice and broc for lunch and an ice lolly. For dinner we’re having turkey mince YUM.

33. Have you ever been in an ambulance/hospitalized?
No, fortunately not! I’ve gone to the hospital to give blood and get tests done but luckily I’ve never had to stay overnight,

34. Do you swear a lot?
I’d say I swear quite a bit, yeah. But it also depends the company I’m in. If I’m with friends then I tend to swear more but if I’m at work or with kids I try to keep the swearing on the down low.

35. What do you prefer to spend money on?
Travelling, for sure.


36. What’s your favorite show?
The Real Housewives of anything- lame but true 😀

37. What are your plans this weekend?
On Friday night we’re going to a black tie dinner for  a friend who is moving and otherwise, just take it easy!

38. How many places have you lived?
Four countries- Estonia (where I was born), Sweden, the US and Scotland.


39. What’s the closest thing to you that’s red?
I have a red marker next to me that I used to write notes with on a paper 🙂

40. Are you a social person?
It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I need time away from people to just think and make plans quietly, whereas other times I can be around people all the time and never get sick of them. Also depends on the time of year- in the summer I like to be out doing stuff all the time but in the winter I’m perfectly content underneath my blanket watching Netflix 😀



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