This is what I wore last Wednesday when we went out for a walk to see what this sunshine thing was all about. And pretty much everyday since has been disgusting, with literally buckets of rain coming down!

I got these boots on ASOS a few months ago but haven’t had the chance to wear them much because they slide down when I have tights on 🙁 So I had to find over-the-knee socks to kind of hold them in place. It works pretty well but I wish I had even longer socks. I might just try to find a pair of tights that are thicker instead so I don’t need to worry about pulling them up all the time.

I’ve also really been into turtlenecks lately. I used to hate them because I thought they were really 90s but now I love them! They keep me super warm and are so easy to layer underneath other clothes. Works especially well under a scratchy jumper or scarf- yay!

This week has been SO busy, I’ve been trying to catch up with work before the holidays and also have been starting to look at Christmas presents for my family. I can’t believe I’m going home in less than 2 weeks already! Can’t wait!







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