Goals for February

February. 2/12 – we made it past January! *pats back*

January was a busy month for me…the first half of the month I was working away trying to meet deadlines (=stress) and then the second half we had plans to visit Paris and London which was really fun but also kind of tiring if I’m honest. Now is finally the time when I’ve been able to slow down for a bit which actually feels really nice. I like periods like these, it gives me the chance to reflect back on what I’ve done but also gives me a chance to make new plans for things that I want to do or try. I’m really motivated to get stuck into new projects and get creative.
I’ll be away from Edinburgh for most of February which will be different. I’ll be in Stockholm and Tallinn a lot this month and then possibly on a trip at the end of the month (waiting on visas so we’ll see…) So it’ll be an exciting month!
There are three main things that I’d like to do this month and really focus on. Here goes…


Do more things on my own

This is kind of a strange one for me. In many ways I’ve always been independent. Before “moving” (I say “moving” lightly because I’m not here 365 days out of the year…) to Edinburgh I did almost everything on my own. I travelled alone, I made my own schedule etc. Ever since moving to Edinburgh I’ve gotten used to working/studying from home so I guess that would make me independent but it’s kind of had a counter-effect on me. Because I spend a lot of time by myself during the day whenever I want to do something or go somewhere I always feel the need to wait until someone (usually the husband) wants to join me. A part of it is of course because I want to spend time with him, especially since we did long distance for over three years and it’s still exciting to go on little adventures together, but a part of it is also because I’ve become dependent on other people for doing things.
What this usually results in is just waiting around and wasting time instead of just going and doing things by myself. It’s also made me less decisive about things, which is just silly. I want to get back to the mindset I was in a few years ago where I made my own plans and did things without thinking about it too much. I think this month will give me the chance to do that because a) I won’t need to be as glued to my computer in the evenings/weekends and b) I’ll be in a different environment for a few weeks.



Prioritise family

I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with my family the past few months. My plans clashed a bit with theirs so there was never a long chunk of time where we could just spend quality time together. I’ll be at home for a few weeks so it’ll be nice to just be around my family, rather than sending random Snapchat’s to my sister of my breakfast or Whatsapp’s to my dad.
(PS. my little sister, who is definitely not so little anymore, in the photo above).



Learn something new – video editing?


I use photo editing software and programs daily and I’d really like to get into video editing. It’s actually something I’ve been keen on learning for a while now but I’ve never set aside time or patience to actually try to learn. I’m determined to try my hardest this month to get started. I’m not even planning on using video anywhere but I think it would be a fun skill to have, even if it’s just for myself like little videos to look back on etc. I really, really enjoy taking photos and editing them so I assume it’ll be the same with video. I’ll probably end up trying to get to grips with Final Cut, just because I’ve heard it’s better than iMovie but easier than Adobe Premiere Pro (if that’s what it’s even called…)? If anyone has any suggestions/pointers please let me know!

Pretty excited for this month ahead! And also looking forward to lighter evenings!


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